Free PDF: Dounis Daily Dozen

Develop your technique every day with these 12 fundamental exercises for the left-hand and bow.

Meant to be played every morning, these 12 exercises will take you back to the fundamentals, rebuild your native connection to the violin, and help you become as expressive as possible in your playing.

Free PDF: Dounis Daily Dozen
Free PDF: Dounis Daily Dozen

What You'll Get

  • Exercise #1: For training the left hand in both "easy" and "difficult" settings.

  • Exercise #2: To get the fingers into playing shape and for independence.

  • ...and 10 more crucial technique exercises!

Demetrius Constantine (D.C.) Dounis (born around 1894) is recognized to this day as one of the most significant teachers and technicians of violin and other string instruments. After establishing his genius as a violinist and virtuoso mandolinist at a young age, Dounis earned medical training in psychiatry and neurology, and then served as a doctor in the Greek army during World War I. After the war, he became a concertmaster, and later began to distill his medical training in a unique way: providing medical treatment for his fellow musicians.