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The Core Pillars of Piano

Techniques taught by a renowned pianist

Acclaimed educator Penelope Roskell presents a 12-lesson series on the core movements required for a healthy piano technique. Great for players of all experience levels.

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Bad technique causes pain. Learn a better way.

Improper posture and movements can lead to discomfort and long-term injury, taking the joy out of playing piano. Learn simple exercises to correct your form, and free up your fingers, hands, arms, and whole body. You’ll be more agile, comfortable, and productive in your practicing.

  • Form good habits around proper posture and alignment

  • Learn a warm-up routine that increases mobility and dexterity

  • Develop a nimble touch for “cantabile” style playing


Ready to build healthier practice habits?

Over the course of 12 in-depth lessons, Roskell explains and demonstrates movements that relieve tension and lead to a fluid, smooth technique — while providing simple exercises to help you get there!

Meet your instructor

Penelope Roskell

Penelope Roskell’s experience as a world-renowned pianist and connoisseur of technique extends far beyond the concert hall and conservatory.

Besides her role as professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, she has over 30 years of expertise in helping pianists with form, technique, and injury prevention. She has become the UK’s leading practitioner and advisor in healthy piano technique.

Roskell’s groundbreaking book, The Complete Pianist: from healthy technique to natural artistry, is a second-to-none collection of original research, personal learnings, and performance secrets that help pianists of all levels avoid injury and strain, develop proper touch for all kinds of phrasing, and set the right habits for a lifetime of healthy, expressive playing.

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