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Meet Bach, at the Piano.

Discover the genius of Bach's keyboard works.

From a humble Minuet to complex Inventions, get a thorough introduction to Bach's keyboard music. This course unveils the techniques and ideas behind the music to sharpen your piano skills.

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Unlock Bach’s keyboard genius in theory and practice.

Understand the logic of Bach’s musical calculus, grow as a musician by playing his works ... and appreciate the musical foundations he laid that composers have built on ever since.

Decipher, interpret, and perform Bach in 6 exclusive lessons.

Learn Bach’s works, step-by-step

Explore the inner workings and intentions behind six popular masterpieces.

Develop your technique

Gain hand independence so you can play multiple melodies at once – and make them sing.

Build your musical foundation

Discover why studying Bach is a gateway to excelling at all your musical pursuits.

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A practical introductory course that teaches Bach in a new, deeper way.

Practice 6 progressive works, learn exercises to help you coordinate your hands... and see why Bach’s counterpoint matters so much to history.


Get the Annotated Scores for all 6 Bach pieces — for FREE.

Learn how to sing with your fingers the way Bach intended in these 6 keyboard classics, with original fingerings and markings from Columbia Professor Magdalena Stern-Baczewska.

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Ready to learn Bach in a new way?

Watch previews of these exclusive, new lessons on the master of the Baroque. Six fun and enriching videos covering technique, repertoire, and theory that will unlock your growth as a pianist – only on tonebase.

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