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Join over 70,000 guitarists who trust tonebase as their platform for online learning.

Hundred's of lessons on all things guitar

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Learn from the world’s best guitarists

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A passionate, global community

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With your free trial you'll gain access to hundreds of high-quality guitar instructions taught by the very best.

A large & expanding library

Access hundreds of hours of in-depth guitar lessons including step-by-step repertoire breakdowns, technical routines, and much more from the biggest names in classical guitar.

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Structure your routine with courses

With our flexible courses you have complete control over what you want to learn and when. Dive in to one of our highly-structured courses or pick your own starting point in the library.

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Learn with the world's best guitarists

Learn from the very best to play, from GRAMMY-award winners to acclaimed performers and pedagogues at renowned institutions. It’s an entire conversatory right at your fingertip.

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Weekly live streams & workshops

Join us for our weekly roundup of live streams covering topics requested by the tonebase community. It’s your chance to ask our instructors and guests questions, tips and more.

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A passionate community of guitarists

We've built a community right into the heart of tonebase — connect with your peers and gain access to an incredible group of like-minded guitarists for feedback, advice and more.

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Free workbooks, scores & more

Never search for clean scores again, and get exclusive access to expert insights for nailing those tricky passages. Fingerings? Yep. Detailed workbooks and assignments? You got it.

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As a part of your free trial, we will include all of the following bonuses - worth over $167 USD absolutely FREE.

  • Rafael Aguirre's Top 10 Technical Exercises

    Learn the top 10 exercises virtuoso Rafael Aguirre uses to polish and master his technique, including a few tips and tricks he's never shared before!

  • Warm Up Routines of Great Guitarists

    Learn how to kick each practice session off right with these tips from world-class guitarists, GRAMMY-award winners, and more!

  • The tonebase Pre Performance Checklist

    The tonebase team has created a handy checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything you need before a performance!

  • Top 10 Tips for Perfect Nails

    What's the one thing every guitarist, no matter their level, is always working on? Nails, of course! Learn the 10 essential nail tips that will help you grow, shape, and maintain your nails better than ever before.

  • 6 Tips for Effective Practice

    Take your practice to the next level with Thomas Viloteau’s 6 Tips For Effective Practice! Learn to hone your skills and manage your time as efficiently as possible!

  • Scott Tennant's Five Tips to Flawless Tremolo

    Tremolo technique is very specific to the classical guitar. Learn how to master this magical technique with help from GRAMMY Award winner Scott Tennant!

  • How to Practice Rasgueados

    Learn from flamenco guitarist Kai Narezo as he teaches proper rasgueado technique and shares the best approach to making them effortless and pain free!

  • Vladimir Gorbach's Daily Technique Workout

    Supercharge your technique by bringing the daily exercises of a GFA winner into your practice routine. Vladimir Gorbach's 'Daily Technique Workout' will help you  get started!

  • Sharon Isbin's Multi-Finger Vibrato Technique

    Hone your vibrato like never before using Sharon Isbin's Multi-Finger Vibrato technique! Download the PDF guide and follow along as you watch Sharon's lesson on tonebase.

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