Free PDF: The Ultimate Flute Warm-Up Guide

Ready for a fresh take on Taffanel & Gaubert’s Daily Exercises, complete with expert advice and tips? The exercises found in this PDF are foundational for getting you up to speed on scales, arpeggios, stamina, breath control, and a more open tone. Make these exercises a part of your daily routine, and you’ll build technique that will serve you for a lifetime of playing!

Free PDF: The Ultimate Flute Warm-Up Guide
Free PDF: The Ultimate Flute Warm-Up Guide

What You’ll Get

  • In-depth PDF with complete annotations of the 4 exercises

  • Curated suggestions on how to practice each exercise

  • Up-to-date approach to Taffanel & Gaubert's famous exercises

The flute exercises you’re about to encounter are the work of Claude-Paul Taffanel and Philippe Gaubert, two iconic figures of flute performance and pedagogy.

Taffanel and Gaubert’s greatest joint legacy is the technique workbook that bears their names: the 17 Grands exercices journaliers de mécanisme or 17 Daily Exercises. Conceived of by Taffanel and finished after his passing by Gaubert and another student, Louis Fleury, the exercises are standard study material for flutists to this day.